During our long and successful history we have developed and presented to the design trade a wide range of decorative products. We specialize in wide width, 110-130” High Seamless fabrics for draperies, bedspreads, tablecloths, and window treatments. We stock a large range of linen textures and casements, transparent and opaque sheers, reversible burn-outs, filet-coupe designs with lead beaded hems, and open-weave designs.

Contemporary woven upholstery fabrics, traditional jacquards, luxurious plains and textures, and multi-ground print fabrics round out our collection. Geometrics, stripes, plaids, and rainbow-warp colored jacquards are included. We love novelties as well: Indian crewels, silk embroideries, yarn clips, matellesse, embossed vinyls, outdoor/indoor acrylics, and we feature a European produced line of contract/hospitality/fire retardant fabrics.

Fabrics for every fashionable interior.

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